Fall League 2023 Sign Up


We are excited to announce that ultimate is back at Amelia Earhart Park for South Florida Ultimate fall league!

Last fall we had 6 teams and 91 players eagerly get back to playing after a long drought of frisbee. 

We're hoping to build upon that momentum and continue this league with 6 teams.

Regular season games will be Wednesday evenings from 8-10pm, starting October 11th.

We're planning on 5 weeks of regular play with Finals planned for Sunday, November 19th, all at Amelia Earhart Park.

  • $30 for students.
  • $45 EARLY Registration for everyone else from Wednesday Sep 6th until Friday Sep 29th.
  • $50 REGULAR Registration for everyone else from Saturday Sep 30th until NOON Sunday Oct 1.

Player fees will be put toward fields, lights, insurance, prizes, and jerseys for the league.

Regular registration is open as of Saturday, Sep 30 and ends Sunday, Oct 1.
Late registration (at a $50 fee for adults, $30 for students, as space permits) starts Sunday, Oct 1 until Tuesday, Oct 17 at 08:00 PM. This will not include a jersey.


We use your e-mail to send you updates and league information through the email you provide here.

Not required, but often our captains find reaching out via SMS/GroupMe/WhatsApp is much better than email. Your number would be shared with your team.

We use this information to draft teams that have even gender distributions.

Our insurance policy requires us to report how many people within certain age-ranges exist in the league. We do not ask your birthdate to protect your privacy.

Please express this accurately as it helps captains balance skill-level across teams.

Knowing how often you plan on being there helps captains pick well-rounded teams. If you have specific dates you will be out, be sure to place that in the comments.

The above is the current design for this league, which will in color depending on what team you are on.

Type the name of the person you would like to partner with. The captains during the draft will make every effort to accommodate this request, but we can't guarantee this.

We are trying to find out how many of our players are on USAU to see if we can use that insurance instead.

Type here any additional comments you may have (if you can't attend certain weeks, really don't want to play with a specific person, or want to give captains some idea of who you are go ahead). The captains and organizers will use this information during the player draft.

If your captain and your team wins the league, you'll have your name and team's name be featured on our league trophy. Captains get to pick their teams in the draft and are responsible for communicating to their teams on a weekly basis as well as ensuring that games maintain fair, spirited, competitive, and fun play.

General Waiver


Payment Information

If you plan on paying with card (so no PayPal) type here just your street address (So 12345 Palm Tree Ave.). Do not pass city/zip code or apt number. We do not store this information, but send it to the payment processor for fraud prevention.