What We Need

It takes a community to grow one. Here's the roles needed to make this happen.


Currently held by Sofia Whittaker

Sets agenda for organization, lays out yearly calendar, renews liability insurance, manages coordinators, leads drafts, communicates with captains, and is final decision maker.


Currently held by Sofia Whittaker & Prahasi Kacham

Presents budgets, books fields, estimates costs, reconciles registrations, orders jerseys and stickers.

Creative Director

Currently held by Prahasi Kacham

Designs/produces social media posts, league jersey logos, and logos for each team. Photographs key SFL Ultimate events, and if not available, coordinates photographers.


Currently held by Prahasi Kacham

Takes board meetings notes, drafts email/WhatsApp communications weekly for leagues. Reply to player question emails/FB messages. Assists with drafts.


Currently held by Daniel Prada

Keeps the website up-to-date, responsible for site maintenance, handles new requests for changes.

Pick-Up Coordinators

Available for application

Organize weekly summer women/grasshopper pick-up games/goalty.

Fall League Coordinator

Available for application

Arrives early to games, sets up fields, prints and keeps track of stat sheets.

Beach Director

Currently held by AJ Jacoski

Organizes Beach Bash Tournament and Beach League. Arrives early to games, sets up fields, assists with finals pavilion bbq social.

Spring League Coordinator

Currently held by Emiliano Castillo

Arrives early to games, sets up fields, prints and keeps track of stat sheets.

Youth Director

Currently held by Lucas Aguiar

Assists with growing and mentoring youth

Our Team

Sofia Whittaker

Sofia is a longtime local to South Florida, having played pickup as well as with Fiasco's Women's Ultimate Team. She currently leads the organization as President and contributes as Treasurer. When not playing frisbee you can catch her painting flowers, playing with her kids, or even doing accounting.

    Prahasi Kacham

    Prahasi has been the social media strategist behind SFLUltimate, and has played with the Nova Southeastern University team, as well as with Fiasco, Fire Ultimate Team, among others. She is a traveling adventurer.

      AJ Jacoski

      AJ started playing ultimate in 2003 in the Philadelphia High School league and went on to play college, club, and pro ultimate while living in Ocean City, Maryland. He first played beach ultimate at wildwood in 2008 and has played countless beach tournaments all over the world including in the Philippines, Australia, Singapore, LA, and all over the East coast of the US. In 2015 AJ joined the legendary Boracay Dragons and played at the World Beach Ultimate Championships in Dubai where the team won a bronze medal. He won two USA Ultimate Beach National Championships with his beach club team Humiliswag in 2018 and 2019. AJ was selected for Team USA in the men’s masters division for the upcoming WBUC this November in California. AJ is also a member of the USA Ultimate Beach working group. AJ is a founder and tournament director of the OC Beach Classic, an annual tournament with 40 mixed teams in OCMD. He moved to Florida in 2017 and has played, captained, and coached El Niño. AJ is also the TD of the upcoming Beach Bash Ultimate tournament in Ft Lauderdale this December!

        Lucas Aguiar

        Meet Coach Aguiar, a passionate and experienced youth ultimate frisbee coach dedicated to the love for the game while helping young athletes' grow both on and off the field. With years of coaching experience, Coach Aguiar brings a wide variety of strategies and tactics from all around the world. As a club player, he understands the technical apects of the sport and is skilled at breaking down complex concepts into simple terms for the athletes. Coach Aguiar coaching philosophy centers around creating a positive and inclusive environment where players feel comfortable to take risks, make mistakes, and learn from each experience. He emphasizes skill development, strategy, and teamwork while explaining how important values such as sportsmanship, respect, and perseverance are in ultimate. Through engaging and dynamic training sessions, Coach Aguiar focuses on teaching fundamental skills such as throwing, catching, cutting, and defensive positioning, while also introducing more advanced tactics and game scenarios. He believes in adapting his coaching approach to meet the individual needs and abilities of each player, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to succeed and thrive. Beyond the Xs and Os of the game, Coach Aguiar prioritizes the development of his players, helping their confidence, leadership skills, and sense of belonging within the ultimate frisbee community. He serves as a mentor and role model, inspiring young athletes to reach their full potential both on and off the field. With Coach Aguiar at the wheel, players not only improve their athletic abilities but also cultivate lifelong friendships, memories, and a deep appreciation for the sport of ultimate frisbee. His passion, dedication, and commitment to excellence make him a valued leader and mentor for youth ultimate frisbee players everywhere.

          Emiliano Castillo

          Spring League Coordinator

            Daniel Prada

            Prada has been playing from barefoot 2007, to college at Brown, a variety of club teams, pickup, beach and coached a youth team. He developed this specific site, and has supported SFLUltimate in several capacities sine being involved in 2015.