Come down to sunny Ft. Lauderdale for our beach ultimate championship on December 16 & 17th!

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Tournament Overview

Time to soak some sun in Florida

Welcome to the Beach Bash Ultimate Tournament. Florida’s newest and highest level beach ultimate frisbee tournament.

We are playing in the heart of the pristine Ft Lauderdale Beach the weekend of December 16-17, 2023. The format is 4v4 USA Ultimate rules with a 2:2 gender ratio. We will have lined fields for a guaranteed 4 games of Saturday pool play and at least 3 games of Sunday bracket play.

Cost is $400 per 10 person team (~$40 per player). Up to 4 additional players can be added for $40 per player with a maximum 14 players.

Showers, restrooms, bars, restaurants, and convenient stores all within walking distance of the beach!

We will be having a Friday night registration party in Ft Lauderdale and a Saturday night tournament party location tbd.

Come join the hottest beach ultimate community in Florida! See you in December!

Signed Up Teams

Use the below to get a sense of the competition coming to join us in Fort. Lauderdale!

Birthday Suit
Level: Club
From: St. Petersburg, FL
Captain: Mark S.

Dumb Beaches
Level: Club
From: Melbourne, FL
Captain: Bryan R.

Latin Power
Level: Club
From: Fort Myers, FL
Captain: Daniel Z.

Latin Power
Level: Club
From: Florida
Captain: Daren

Party B
Level: Club
From: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Captain: Megan B.

Party Wave
Level: Pro
From: Miami, FL
Captain: Andrea J.

Level: Club
From: Miami, FL & West Palm Beach, FL
Captain: Lina F.

Sky’s out Thighs out
Level: Club
From: Jacksonville
Captain: Chris S.

SOUP Szn Out of State
Level: Club
From: Hershey, PA
Captain: Xin Xin T.

Level: Club
From: Weston, FL
Captain: Lucas A.

Unicorn Country Out of State
Level: College
From: Scranton, PA
Captain: Torre S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find here all your tourney information.

How many teams will this be?
We're set on inviting 12 teams from Florida as well as from around the USA (and hopefully the world).
How much is the bid fee?
It's $400, we use this for field permits and tournament drinks/snacks. Plus if your team captain has played South Florida league, you'll get a $50 discount. 🎉
What's the gender ratio? How many players?
This will be a 2:2 mixed beach tournament, with a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 14 players per team.