Since 1999, players from Dade & Broward counties unite to grow the awesome sport of Ultimate Frisbee.

We're working on our next league, while we wait go check out your local pick ups!

Why play South Florida Ultimate?


From club athletes to newbies, league welcomes players of all skills & ability

Play Ultimate

We have 8-10 regular season games and one final playoff tournament!

Ladies Welcome

Our league is co-ed, and is always excited to invite new lady players!

Current Standings

Here you can see the current standings for the current league!

NameWinsLossesForfeitsPoints ScoredPoints AllowedAvg. Points ScoredAvg. Points AllowedPoint Differential

Note: If one team forfeits, the opponent gets the equivalent of 13-0 game. If two teams playing each other forfeit, each takes a loss and a -13 hit to point differential.