2017 Fall League Registration


We'll play games on Saturday mornings at 10am near the beach space by Park & Ocean staring November, 4th and played until December 9th. Our finals would be on December 16th.

Following this league we would transition to a Winter Beach League managed and run by the wonderful Fiasco ladies (more information to follow).

games would be 4v4 with either a 3-1 or 2-2 gender ratio. We'll be looking to find a competitive & fun level of play.

Registration is open as of today and the costs are:

  • $10 for students
  • $15 for everyone else

Registration will close November 1st at midnight.


Refund Policy: Should there be an error in your registration (paid for a youth fee when an adult or vice versa), we will provide a refund. Otherwise we will not be providing refunds.

If you see your name on the dropdown as you type your name, please click on it so that we can match your records and get your previous answers to the following questions.

Knowing how often you plan on being there helps captains pick well-rounded teams


Payment Information